The 5AM post

by Mark on April 6, 2010

Good morning everyone. Most of you will still be asleep at the moment I’m writing this. So why on earth am I awake then? Well, to be honest, my girlfriend had to catch a train at 5:45 so I can’t pretend I didn’t do this entirely on purpose. But I just felt compelled to share something with you that I’m experiencing at the moment.

I had gotten up, showered and eaten breakfast by the time it was 5:30, in order to get my girlfriend on her way on time. And then I started realizing that I was completely wide awake and feeling energetic over 1.5 hour before I normally set my own alarm.
This is great! While the world is still sleeping I’m already up and about, able to do things! Steve Pavlina has written some great stuff about how to become an early riser, but this must be what he was actually talking about. Not so much waking up and getting yourself in motion but the actual feeling of wanting to take on the world even before you’d have normally set your alarm.

What to do with this extra time?
Off course I can’t do everything before 7AM like vacuum-cleaning, play loud music (neighbors) or go shopping for that matter. Yet, I can still get started on things I would have normally done during daytime. Or, even better; Things that I would have wanted to do during the daytime but can’t, due to the fact that I’m at work then. (Like writing this blog for example)

What would you do if you had 1.5 of extra time each morning? Shower longer or get started on work early? Go outside and run for 30 minutes or catch up on a tv-show you’ve missed? Whatever you do, it’s just great to be able to do so, right?

Will Smith on Work-Ethic: “While the other guy’s sleeping,… I’m working”

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