Why is finding your passion so damn hard?

by Mark on July 28, 2010

Really, why is it?
If you’re anything like me you’ve probably seen numerous blogs and tons of articles on the subject of realising, finding, discovering, or even re-discovering your passion. Everyone is looking for happiness in their life; doing what they love surrounded by the people who’s company you enjoy. And in order to achieve this goal you’ve at least to know what it is that you love to do, right? No wonder that so many people have written (and are still writing, like me) about this subject; Everyone is trying to figure this out, making your audience huge!
How come then, that with so many people writing about the subject most of us are still looking for it? There are tons of great tips out there, but somehow we’re still looking for our passion. Every once in a while I tell myself: “It can’t possibly be this hard!?! I know what I like to do right? I should know what I enjoy doing or what energizes me?!” It turns out that, for me, it doesn’t seem to be that simple after all. Great, right? pff..

Mental meltdown

Back when I was a fulltime student I wasn’t paying too much attention to this whole “passion-thing”. I just had some classes to attend, some assignments to hand in and some house-work to manage but apart from that I was completely free to do what I wanted. Whenever I felt like going and have a beer with mates downtown, I would. When I felt like swimming, renting a canoe, go running, play world of warcraft (yes, I confess ;)) I would.
But now that university life is over and you have a “career” to consider, it suddenly seems to be a lot more complicated. The time of “just doing it” seems to be over and every decision tends to move towards internal conflict; “I should do it because..”, “No, wait! What if this happens?”, “How will that effect the future?”, “Does it pay enough”, “Am I not sacrificing too much?” – …. Mental meltdown….
Suddenly everything is supposed to be an exact science with fixed variables like payout, growth potential, distance from home, working hours and joy doing it.


Did you see it happen? Joy is now nothing more then a variable in the equation of picking a carreer. A variable means exactly that, it’s variable; you are allowing it to vary in relation to the other factors involved. Why on earth is joy suddenly a variable instead of a constant? Could it be that people are often dissatisfied with their work (and possibly life in general) because they let joy become a variable instead of a constant factor in their life? I think that may very well be the case!
In fact, isn’t that what doing something that you’re passionate about feels like? When you are working on your passion, joy is a constant not a variable. Pursuing your passion results in constant joy, con-stant.

Then what it is?

So is swimming my passion? No, I just enjoy it once in a while. Was world of warcraft my passion (I don’t play anymore), no it wasn’t because I didn’t constant joy from it. Sometimes it even drained me and caused frustration; definitely not a passion. I should really ask myself what it is I never get bored with, what has kept me fascinated for years without boring me. Not just something I like occasionally, but something I love constantly.
My search continues,… but now with better defined terms.

I’ll keep posting on the progress in this area. But I’d also like to know what’s your passion, how you realised it what it was and if you have any tips for others. Please leave a comment and help others out by sharing your experiences!

Until next time, keep moving forward! :)

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