About me

Since you’re wondering, here is some additional information about me :)

markMy name is Mark Nap from The Netherlands. Currently I am 29 years old and recently graduated as an MSc in Business Informatics. However, my passion is more in the pursuit of personal growth and truth in general.

For years I’ve been looking for things that bring out the best in me, that make me happy, and that I want to be a part of my experience of life. And it wasn’t until up to a few months ago that all these things came together under the topic of “Personal Development”.

I stumbled onto the great blog of Steve Pavlina, which actually kick-started the chain-reaction I’m still experiencing. (and hope to be for many years to come). Finding other beautiful blogs, getting to know the people behind them and learning from them. I would make a list of several topics I like to dig into, but it is actually an endless list. (I love pursuing things I do not yet understand)

This blog will be my way of giving something back for all the amazing things I have learned, and will learn in the future. I love to help people with their own growth process and I hope this blog will be an inspiration to others to get the best experience out of their own life.


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