R.I.P Steve Jobs – Stay hungry, stay foolish!

by Mark October 6, 2011


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The 4-hour workweek: Thoughts after reading

by Mark March 30, 2010

Tweet As you may have seen on twitter, I’ve been reading the famous (maybe close to legendary) “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. I won’t turn this post into a book review so I’ll just keep it short: It’s a truly inspiring book that changes the way you look at jobs, making money, vacations and […]

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Using music to get into your desired state of mind.

by Mark February 22, 2010

Tweet Do you remember the last time a piece of music gave you goosebumps? Was it a great soundtrack while watching a movie or some lyrics that sounded almost as they had been written just for you? Countless styles of music have emerged these days, something you might say. But one thing that all of […]

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How my life changed in under 7 days.

by Mark February 9, 2010

Tweet Life can be a drag sometimes. There are times when you wake up uninspired, feeling like you have to kick yourself in the ass get moving. Living an inspired life can slip through your fingers and usually you don’t even see it happening. You just suddenly realize that it has happened, and you’re really […]

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The happy garbage men

by Mark January 17, 2010

Tweet “Good morning garbage men!” I was taking out my trash today (just in time) and as I opened the door I found the garbage truck right in front of me. So I asked one of the guys: “Could you still take this trash-bag off my hands”? And with a smile he answered: “Sure, take […]

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